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urine specialistsWho hasn't had some sort of accident with one of our 4 legged friends? From a one time emergency accident to extensive urine odor control, our Certified Odor Control Service Technician can help to determine just how severe of a problem there actually is. Most frequently the problem can be corrected. Speaking to one of our trained staff will help to determine what's needed to correct the odors. Without proper treatment, odors can return (especially during rainy season).
Spot Cleaning
Attention Landlords & Real Estate Professionals!

URINE RESTORATION– from one time emergency to extensive urine odor control. Plus we can locate unseen urine deposits in carpet with our industrial UV inspection light. This light assists in determining how severe a situation is.

RX/ ROTARY – for extreme soil or matted down carpet restoration (landlords love this service)

SPOT LIFTER– large liquid spills collect under the carpet and are trapped in the carpet padding. Our Spot Lifter tool provides a deep extraction of the substance trapped in the carpet pad eliminating future wicking up (returning) spots.

EMERGENCY SERVICE–whether it’s puppy accidents, spilled paint or a plate of spaghetti that flipped over onto your beautiful carpet, these can all be very scary situations and we will do everything in our power to come to your rescue. Even if it means rearranging our schedule or working late.

We will treat your home like it was one of our own and we will respond to your emergency ASAP…
that’s our promise!   

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Clean-N-Bright ...We don't just clean, we RESTORE!

Serving Prescott,
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since 1973!

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