Commercial Services

Commercial carpet is all around us, in office buildings, schools, hotels, stores and hospitals - yet most people barely notice it. Although there are many similarities between home and commercial carpeting, there are some important factors that differentiate between the two. The most important consideration in commercial carpeting is durability - these carpets typically face many times the daily wear that residential carpets do.

Our method of cleaning is recommended by leading carpet manufacturers and only the best cleaning solutions & equipment are used. We treat your office as our own. We want to be there for you and your future cleaning needs, so we provide the personal service that you deserve.

Our technicians use the most technologically advanced processes to deep-clean your carpet and remove soil, odors and spots. Once cleaned, a stain resistant, protective coating can be applied to ensure your carpet will stay cleaner longer.

For your convenience, we offer the following Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services:


"Clean-N-Bright - Just another WOW for your team!!!  Another home that we thought needed the carpet to be replaced. The carpet is so clean and fresh now that I don't believe it needs to be replaced at all.  For the record this carpet is fifteen years old. Thank you again for your great team!"
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