Some Frequently-Asked Questions,
And Some Reassuring Answers...

Q: How often should I clean?
A: This depends on the lifestyle of your family. The average family generally should have the carpets professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months. Regular maintenance helps insure your carpets are not only clean, but just as important is the fact that germs and allergens are removed in addition to soil removal; leaving your home CLEAN-N-BRIGHT!
Also important is a clean carpet will not only look it's best but it also will last longer and sustain less wear and tear when soil and grit is removed. Homes without the busy activity of children and pets, such as we see often with Senior Citizens' homes may only require professional cleaning every 24 months. On the other hand an extremely active household with children or pets may need more frequent cleanings of every 6 months in order to assure a healthy, clean home. Keep in mind that in order to keep a new carpet warranty in force, carpet manufacturers will require professional cleaning every 12 to 18 months regardless of the activity in the home.

Q: Are there different levels of carpet cleaning to choose from?
A: Yes! We aim to please - choose from our basic clean to our expanded service or anywhere in between. We would be happy to explain the options to you and our pricing structure.

Q: I purchased my carpet several years ago. The salesman said it had Scotchgard or Teflon already on the carpet. This will last for the life of the carpet-right?
A: Wrong! Carpet protectors wear off from the friction of walking on them. We can rejuvenate this protectant by re-applying it. In addition to easier spot removal, vacuuming also becomes more efficient when fibers are treated with a protectant and future cleanings are more effective.

Q: I have animals and sometimes they have accidents. Now there is a urine smell. Do I have to replace the carpet?
A: What’s needed here is an in-home inspection by our Certified Odor Control Technician to determine just how severe of a problem there really is. Most frequently the problem can be corrected. Speaking to one of our trained staff will help to determine what’s needed to correct the odors. Without proper treatment odors can return (especially during rainy season).

Q: My carpet is very soiled and matted down, is there anything you can do to help restore it?
A: Yes, we have restorative equipment designed for tackling the worst of the worst carpets! A quick, on-site evaluation will determine if our restoration equipment can save your carpets. Why replace when restoration is possible!

Q: Now that my tile and grout is clean and sealed, what cleaners can I use?
A: It’s very important to use a neutral PH cleaner (available thru CLEAN-N-BRIGHT)

Q: What can I do to help maintain my carpets between cleanings?
A: Vacuum frequently and use runners (area rugs) to catch the soil from shoes when you first enter the home. Runners can be rolled up and stored just before company arrives.

Q: I have Oriental wool and silk area rugs which I paid a lot of money for. I know not everyone specializes in the care of these rugs. Can you help?
A: Absolutely, we recommend our sister company, Arizona Oriental & Specialty Rug Care! Contact them today at (928)445-1718. They will pick up your rugs, inspect and clean them in our plant and deliver them back to you at your convenience, clean and fresh.