How Wet Should My Carpet Be After Cleaning?

How Wet Should My Carpet Be After Cleaning?


Using too much washing detergent soaks your carpets and is one of the major faults that can extend the waiting period while drying your carpets.

Unfortunately, this procedure can still be used by many carpet cleaners, and the poor performances give the entire industry a poor reputation.

It is recommended to avoid using too much liquid because moisture over time may facilitate the growth of mold, and your carpet can smell. Any condition left for extended periods will have negative results on your carpet, and you will need to call your professional Prescott, AZ carpet cleaner.

If you clean your carpets yourself or they are wet from other sources, here are a few tips from your local carpet cleaning company.


Use Dry Shampoo and Heaters 

When you know how to dry a shampoo carpet, it can be a handy choice to use anytime you need a quick, clean, fast carpet. What you need to do is to spray the dry shampoo carpet on your floor gently and let it stay overnight or for two hours at least.

The goal is to add heat to get as much moisture as possible out of it. You might turn on the heating inside if the weather is not hot enough outside to get the room temperature warm enough that the carpets will dry enough. A dehumidifier may also keep excess moisture out of the room, too.


When Can I Move My Furniture Back?

If you clean your carpet and it feels you’ve been waiting for them to dry and it isn’t getting any drier, you could imagine what will happen if you put your furniture back in position. 

You may be pressed for time, and you must be confident that although everything is placed on top of them when they’re not fully dry, the carpets will still be okay.

It is fair to assume that any moisture stuck between the furniture and the carpet will later contribute to mold growth.

Because if space is maintained dry and the weather is still humid, it is better to dry the carpet as quickly as possible before the furniture is placed back. As a general rule of thumb, though, it is best to wait a whole day or until the carpet is fully dried out.



Contacting Prescott Carpet Cleaning Professionals

If you want fast cleaning services for your carpets, you are best to contact your closest reliable carpet cleaning professionals as they know how to leave carpets in a condition no mold will grow.

To guarantee you have dry carpets, contact Clean-N-Bright Carpet and Tile Specialists.

We can keep all your carpets and even tiled areas clean and stain-free in all your rental properties.

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