Prescott Valley Carpet Cleaning. Will Cleaners Clean the Pad?

Prescott Valley Carpet Cleaning. Will Cleaners Clean the Pad?

Most homeowners are aware of the importance of carpet cleaning. However, few people are aware of the carpet pad beneath the carpet. The pad is the substance beneath the carpet that acts as a cushion between the feet and the floor and prevents the carpet from sliding across the floor and extending the carpet’s lifespan.

You might question if carpet cleaners in Prescott Valley clean the pad during your skilled carpet cleaning session.


Does Prescott Valley Carpet Cleaning Clean the Carpet Pad?

The primary explanation is that carpet cleaners will not clean the pad and will avoid soaking it instead.

It’s essential to remember that carpet fibers aren’t designed to absorb a lot of liquid or moisture. You may not realize it, but the cushioning beneath your feet absorbs most of the wetness.

Carpet padding is frequently soft, which is one of its most defining properties. The padding feels soft under the feet because of this. However, this feature makes paddings incredibly absorbent, which could be a problem. The padding soaks up water like a sponge and becomes saturated quickly. Mold can quickly grow in this situation; therefore, a Prescott Valley carpet cleaner will avoid it.

It’s challenging to remove liquids that have become trapped in the cushions. Air circulation is restricted since the pad is placed between the carpet and the floor. You can’t count on the liquid to evaporate from the cushioning on its own.

After the carpet padding has been soaked, expect it to be damp for a few days. Mold could grow in the carpet pad because of the moisture trapped inside.

You can see why a Prescott Valley carpet cleaner should avoid wetting the pad as much as possible so that your carpet lasts longer, and your family is not exposed to mold.


Clean N Bright Carpet Cleaning Equipment

Our sophisticated carpet cleaning equipment mounted on a vehicle will properly and efficiently clean your carpets. You can trust that our cleaning process will reach the deepest layers of your carpet fibers and thoroughly clean them without soaking the carpet backing. Our equipment can regulate the amount of water and moisture in the air, preventing damage to your carpet pad.

After a professional cleaning, your carpet will be cleansed, but it will still feel damp when you touch it.

Because our equipment has outstanding water recovery, it does not leave a lot of moisture behind, so you can expect your carpet to dry in only a few hours. Germs are eliminated with the help of steam from a Prescott Valley carpet cleaning professional, with a minimal possibility of them spreading.


What About Stained Carpet Pad and Smells in Prescott Valley?

For pet owners, pet odor or urine staining their carpet and soaking through to the carpet padding is a common concern. It’s uncommon for urine to soak through the cushioning and onto the subfloor beneath in extreme situations. As a result, you’ll have a multi-layered odor problem that’ll be difficult to get rid of.

Pet pee should be neutralized, yet your carpet padding might have to be replaced in extreme circumstances which means your subfloor also needs treatment.

Steam cleaning is the most effective method for removing stains and breaking down odor-causing substances.

To ensure you have the right cleaning company for your carpet cleaning, contact Clean-N-Bright Carpet and Tile Specialists to keep your carpets healthy.

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