What Are Carpet Cleaning Mistakes? Prescott Carpet Cleaning

What Are Carpet Cleaning Mistakes? Prescott Carpet Cleaning

We all enjoy clean carpets and doing the work yourself can be satisfying. Whether you clean them yourself to save money or feel good about a job well done, you must do it correctly. As many people discover, there are many DIY carpet cleaning mistakes to make.

Want to avoid damaging your carpet? Before you get your cleaning supplies, read on, and then call your Prescott carpet cleaning professionals and make sure it never happens again.


Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

No Prep Work

If you don’t want to avoid a dirty carpet, you’re probably ready to clean it. But it would help if you worked beforehand. Get the right cleaning supplies first. Next, test your cleaning products on a small, hidden carpet patch. You can avoid disasters on the rest of your floor.

Leaving stains

It’s not carpet shampooing, but it’s part of regular carpet cleaning. If something spills, gently soak it up with a neutral, light-colored towel. The longer stains sit, the more they saturate the carpet fibers. This makes deep cleaning your floors much more difficult. Use a tried-and-correct spot cleaner if necessary.

Too Much Shampoo

A little carpet shampoo can bring your carpets back to life. Even when dealing with tough, set-in stains, more isn’t always better. The more shampoo you use, the more difficult it is to rinse it all out without soaking your carpets, causing water damage.

The residue from too much shampoo or soap is another problem. This residue isn’t sticky, but it attracts dirt, making your carpets look dirty.

Incorrect Rinsing

Here, too much shampoo is used. Insufficient rinsing leaves soapy residue. Aside from the carpet drying slowly, over-rinsing causes other issues.

Because of the water damage, the carpets cannot dry properly. Also, as carpets dry, they may shrink, affecting their ability to adhere to the floor. You may also notice discoloration because of the carpet’s backing.

Lack of Carpet Maintenance

DIY carpet cleaning should be part of your routine. We’re not talking about steam cleaning, but regular vacuuming and stain removal. This keeps them from digging deeper into your carpets. Most carpet cleaning professionals recommend deep cleaning your carpets once or twice a year.


Where is My Prescott Carpet Cleaner Expert?

You’re ready to go now that you know the most common and worst DIY carpet cleaning mistakes. Remember to test your products, maintain your carpets, and clean up spills promptly. Cleaning carpets don’t have to be complicated. You can have clean carpets all the time if you follow this advice.

To ensure you have the right cleaning company for clean carpets, you may contact Clean-N-Bright Carpet and Tile Specialists to keep your carpets stain-free.

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